Vini Bianchi - White Wines

Trebbiano D'Abruzzo

125ml £3.00

1750ml £4.20

Bottle £15.95

(DOC, Abruzzo) Abv 12% – Delicate, fine with floral scents and pleasantly fruity with notes of mature tropical fruits.
Dry and harmonic taste, supple, good bodied and persistent.

Pinot Grigio

125ml £3.75

175ml £5.25

Bottle £18.95

(Veneto) Abv 12% – Dry and medium bodied with apple and pear fruit flavours, citrus acidity and hints of almonds.

Sauvignon Blanc

125ml £4.50

175ml £6.20

Bottle £24.95

(Veneto) Abv 12% – Bright straw yellow with gold and green reflections, with a green apple and elderflower bouquet.
Dry and full bodied.

Soave Classico

Bottle £19.95
(DOC, Veneto) Abv 13% – Dry with a soft acidity and a rounded pear, melon and almond notes.


Bottle £26.95
(Macchialupa, Campania IGT) Abv 13% – Crisp and complex white wine. Perfectly balanced flavours of orange peel,
stone fruit and acacia flowers.

Gavi Di Gavi Toledana

Bottle £29.95

(DOCG, Enrico Serafino, Gavi ) Abv 12% – Unoaked, pale straw-yellow, the wine shows floral and citrus aromas,
with a minerally dry palate.

Bianco D'Alcamo

Bottle £23.95

(Firriato – Sicilia) Abv 13% – From Peppe’s homeland, elegantly scented with notes of fresh flowers, melon and pear.
The palate is fresh with a gently balanced acidity.

Vini Rossi - Red Wines

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

125ml £3.00

175ml £4.20

Bottle £15.95

(DOC, Abruzzo) Abv 12.5% – Fruity with hints of sour black cherry and small mature red fruit.

Chianti Riserva

125ml £4.50

175ml £5.95

Bottle £24.95

(DOCG, Trambusti, Toscana) Abv 12.5% – Rich and full-bodied with redcurrant and raspberry fruit flavours
and an almost savoury edge.

Primitivo Solandia

125ml £3.95

175ml £5.10

Bottle £21.95

(Puglia) Abv 13% – Velvetly, ripe blackberry and plum fruit with a touch of vanilla spice.

Negroamaro del Salento

Bottle £24.95

(Feudi, Salento) Abv 12% – This wine is ruby-red with purple hints and it has intense fragrances of wild berries.

Nero d'Avola Rapitala

Bottle £23.95

(Sicilia) Abv 13.5% – Well-structured, aromas of Morello cherry fruit and a hint of spice. 100% Nero d’Avola.


Bottle £28.95
(Cantine Due Palme, Puglia) Abv 13,5% – Full bodied, deep, inky purple-black. Intense aromas of blackberry and chocolate.

Barbera d'Alba Ruvei

Bottle £35.45

(Piemonte) Abv 13,5% – Full and rich. Fruity notes of blackberries, red fruit jam and spicy scents of vanilla.


Bottle £59.95

(Firriato, Sicilia) Abv 14,5% – Dark, dense ruby colour, marvellous hints of red fruits highlighted by prunes and black cherries.

Amarone DOC Le Poesie

Bottle £59.95

(Veneto) Abv 14,5% – This superb wine has a deep ruby red colour, with aromas of cherries, berries, exotic fruits and a flavour that is warm,
soft and full-bodied. With velvety tannin’s this wine produces a long pleasant aftertaste.

Barolo Cortese

Bottle £59.95

(Piemonte) Abv 14,5% – Intense and thick ruby. Fresh and floral, with palatable tannins, aromas of cherries and currants.

Brunello Esperienza Numero 8 - Rocca dele Macie

Bottle £79.95
(DOCG 2007 – Toscana) Abv 14% – Colour vivid, intense crimson, with crystal violet glimmer. Intense and spicy.
Aromas of cherries, raspberries, pepper, bitter coffee, chocolate and cigars tobacco.

Vino Rosato - Rosè Wine

Castelbello Rosato

125ml £3.10

175ml £4.35

Bottle £16.35

(Veneto) Abv 12% – Fruity with hints of sour black cherry and small mature red fruit. Harmonic, supple, round,
full-bodied and persistent.

Frizzanti & Champagne

Prosecco Il Baco da Seta

125ml £5.95

Bottle £24.95

Lovely, fresh grapey aroma and palate with a sweet mouth-filling flavour and bubbly personality from the
Moscato grape Prosecco “Il Baco da Seta”.

Moet & Chandon

Bottle £58.95

A floral fan fare with a just baked biscuit welcome.

Bollinger Spacial Cuvee

Bottle £75.95

Abundantly rich for when the occasion calls for something special.