Vini Bianchi - White Wines

Trebbiano D'Abruzzo DOC Casal Bordino

125ml £3.95
175ml £4.95
Bottle £18.95

(Abruzzo) Abv 11,5% – A dry white wine with a fruity aroma and crisp, refreshing taste.

Intrigo Pinot Grigio delle Venezie IGT

125ml £4.95
175ml £5.95
Bottle £24.00

(Veneto) Abv 12%Straw yellow in color, this Italian favorite is crisp and refreshing on the palate with a light fresh aroma.

Intrigo Sauvignon Venezie IGT

125ml £4.90
175ml £6.20
Bottle £26.95
(Veneto) Abv 12% – With a green apple and elderflower bouquet, dry and full bodied palate with a velvety finish.

Branciforti dei Bordonaro Grillo IGT

Bottle £26.95
(Sicily) Abv 12,5% – This delightful wine envelops the palate in an intense and persistent way finishing with a pleasant aftertaste.

Chardonnay Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT

Bottle £25.95
(Trentino – Alto Adige) Abv 12,5% – A crisp, vibrant wine with pleasing fragrances of flowers over juicy apple led white-fleshed fruits.

Gavi Di Gavi DOCG Conti di Alari

Bottle £30.00

(Piemonte) Abv 12% – A delicately aromatic and soft nose precedes a crisp and floral palate with peachy undertones and well balanced structure.

Vini Rossi - Red Wines

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC Casal Bordino

125ml £3.95

175ml £4.95

Bottle £18.95

(Abruzzo) Abv 12.5% – A full body and the palate is fruity with a well balanced taste.

Terre al Sole Primitivo Salento IGT

125ml £4.95

175ml £5.95

Bottle £24.95

(Puglia) Abv 12.5% – An ample bouquet, intense, complex flavor and rich, long lingering finish

Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG Rocca delle Macie

125ml £5.95

175ml £6.95

Bottle £26.00

(Toscana) Abv 13.5% – This wine is ruby red becoming garnet with age and produces an ample, intense and refined nose with excellent variety of fruity aromas, and a gentle touch of spices released

Branciforti dei Bordonaro Nero d'Avola IGT

Bottle £26.95

(Sicilia) Abv 13.5% – A delightfully soft and enveloping palate, this wine is soft, rounded with an elegant finish

Cannonau di Sardegna DOC

Bottle £28.95

(Sardegna) Abv 14% – The taste is rich with elegant tannins, nice texture and body with a long smooth finish

Barbera d'Alba Ruvei

Bottle £39.50

(Piemonte) Abv 13,5% – Full and rich. Fruity notes of blackberries, red fruit jam and spicy scents of vanilla.

Amarone DOC Le Poesie

Bottle £60.00

(Veneto) Abv 14,5% – This superb wine has a deep ruby red colour, with aromas of cherries, berries, exotic fruits and a flavour that is warm,
soft and full-bodied. With velvety tannin’s this wine produces a long pleasant aftertaste.

Barolo Cortese

Bottle £60.00

(Piemonte) Abv 14,5% – Intense and thick ruby. Fresh and floral, with palatable tannins, aromas of cherries and currants.

Brunello Esperienza Numero 8 - Rocca dele Macie DOCG 2017

Bottle £100.00
(Toscana) Abv 14% – Colour vivid, intense crimson, with crystal violet glimmer. Intense and spicy. Aromas of cherries, raspberries, pepper, bitter coffee, chocolate and cigars tobacco.

Vino Rosato - Rosè Wine

Roccamena Rosato Italia

125ml £3.95

175ml £4.95

Bottle £19.95

(Sicilia) Abv 12% – Bursting with red fruit aromas, deliciously juicy and supple with lingering cherry flavours

Frizzanti & Champagne

San Tiziano Prosecco

125ml £5.95

Bottle £25.50

(North East Italy) Abv 11% – It is velvety, fresh, lively, fruity, with a fine perlage, very persistent on the palate and has very good acidity.

Moet & Chandon

Bottle £59.95

A floral fan fare with a just baked biscuit welcome.